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Mission Statement

Spirit In Light promotes the mind, body and spirit of patients experiencing grief, trauma or relationship challenges; meanwhile providing training, consultation and supervision of professionals serving these populations.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an evidenced-based practice founded to treat PTSD. It has expanded to treat a several psychiatric and mental health challenges. EMDR stimulates memories that inhibit functioning and reprocesses them until adaptive resolution is reached.  The memory is processed with the Adaptive Information Processing model which hypothesizes that maladaptively stored memories of trauma create obstacles to rational processing of information.                                                             

 The EMDR protocol includes  8 phases of treatment matched with bilateral stimulation of the brain, to activate the brain's natural healing abilities. As a result, disturbance is resolved in the body and emotions, and patients are able to experience a well-regulated nervous system.

Why do EMDR Consultation?

EMDR consultation is for clinicians who have received Basic Training in EMDR.

EMDR training is a marathon vs. a sprint.  The learning is ever-evolving and there is always room to grow.  Post basic training, clinicians have an opportunity to apply the 8 phase protocol in clinical settings.  However, with all the intricacies of the human brain and human experience, adaptations and skill sets need to be modified or enhanced for each patient. 

 Consultation provides such a space.  It allows practitioners a place to ask questions and feel confident in clinical intervention skills, and to feel more confident serving individuals.  Group Consultation can provide a platform to network with other professionals who are also learning along side you.   As you increase your skills, and network with other professionals, it is also an opportunity to gain clinical hours towards EMDR certification.  

What to expect in EMDR Consultation

The primary goal of consultation is mastery of the EMDR protocol.  Consultation provides      opportunities for clinicians to ask case-specific questions, demonstrate skills and deepen knowledge of EMDR.

Consultation topics may include:

  • Support of the 8 phase, 3 prong protocol
  • Support application of Adaptive Information Protocol
  • Explore preparation of patients for reprocessing
  • Allow for case presentations
  • Build an EMDR professional network
  • Develop a resource library
  • Discussion of EMDR targets and adaptations for patients

Group vs. Individual Consultation

Group and individual consultation is provided for EMDR trained clinicians and those seeking EMDR certification, or as a supportive environment to learn new techniques.  With individual consultation, you have the opportunity to staff personal cases and discuss case-specific         interventions, while enhancing knowledge and skills.  Group interventions offer clinicians an opportunity to see other practitioners adapt their skill set to patients and learn from others, in a supportive, caring environment.

***Consultation is not supervision and will not meet requirements for licensure***

Consultation Rates

Group Consultation is $60 per hour

Individual Consultation is $85 per hour