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Mission Statement

Spirit In Light promotes the mind, body and spirit of patients experiencing grief, trauma or relationship challenges; meanwhile providing training, consultation and supervision of professionals serving these populations.


    Kathy Couch, LCSW, CT, EMDR-C

Welcome!  I am Kathy Couch, a mind-body-spirit therapist.  In my private practice, individual interventions focus on patients coping with trauma, relationship challenges, addiction and grief.  I am a certified thanatologist with the Association for Death Education (ADEC) and Counseling and a Certified EMDR therapist and Consultant In Training (CIT) with EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).  These certification allow patients and providers to have a competent, trusting place to receive training and treatment for grief and trauma interventions.   

Additional training has been completed with the Gottman Institute indicating clinical familiarity with the Gottman Method Couples intervention supported with the resources and knowledge to provide advanced clinical interventions.  Furthermore, couples workshops are based on training as a 7 Principles Leader to guide small groups of couples through the book, "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work".    See Couples Workshop Page for more details!!! 

Groups are also offered for those recovering from Religious Trauma based on Marlene Winnell's book, "Leaving The Fold".  Here we explore how destructive beliefs erode a fulfilled sense of self.  We offer these groups on an ongoing basis to provide healing and support for those leaving any religious organization.

My career began in the field of child welfare, which provided several opportunities to interface with law enforcement. I then went on to become certified in EMDR and grief as foundational practices to transform trauma and help patients recover from traumatic events. I also worked with patients in the Veteran's Administration in my graduate program, and now also serve couples involved in law enforcement. I have conducted Critical Incident Stress debriefings after traumatic events and find these highly effective in treating trauma. I also have experience with juvenile corrections and have managed a substance abuse program interfacing with probation and parole officers.

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What is EMDR?

EMDR is an evidenced-based practice founded to treat PTSD. It has expanded to treat a several psychiatric and mental health challenges. EMDR stimulates memories that inhibit functioning and reprocesses them until adaptive resolution is reached.  The memory is processed with the Adaptive Information Processing model which hypothesizes that maladaptively stored memories of trauma create obstacles to rational processing of information.                                                             

 The EMDR protocol includes  8 phases of treatment matched with bilateral stimulation of the brain, to activate the brain's natural healing abilities. As a result, disturbance is resolved in the body and emotions, and patients are able to experience a well-regulated nervous system.

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